Exotic beach in Seminyak Bali

Seminyak Bali is a tourist area located in the northern area of Legian Bali. Better known as the place to look for a luxury private villa of up cheap to rent, as well as world-class restaurants with international standard.

Atmosphere Attractions Seminyak Bali offers a very different atmosphere to the tourist spots of Kuta Bali. If more impressed Kuta casual and relaxed, while bali seminyak gives the impression of a modern and formal. Besides beaches, Seminyak is perfect for those who love shopping, fine dining, night life, as Seminyak is its high end boutiques, upscale restaurants and spa.

Seminyak a very different place about 15 years ago, was once a small village Seminyak losers developed compared to the tourist areas of Kuta and Legian. There used to be lots of rice cultivation in Seminyak, but now it has turned into a densely populated area with diverse types of private villa. The streets are often jammed, the price of food is expensive, the cost of staying is also more expensive than Kuta. But, Seminyak offer different things, if Legian and Kuta is more favored by tourists who are looking for nightlife, hotel prices are cheaper, the price of food is still affordable and crowded, then Seminyak preferred by tourists who are looking for a place to stay more privacy, where shopping offers a unique merchandise goods and upscale, luxurious SPA care facilities as well as a restaurant with a five star standard. If it can be said, Seminyak has become an elite tourist area for foreign and domestic tourists.

In addition, a very famous tourist area of Seminyak with many luxury private villa for rent. Most package tour hotels and villa rental, located in the tourist area of Seminyak. Due to the wide range of luxury facilities on offer in this area, the attractions in Seminyak became very famous and beat other attractions.

Seminyak beach

With the white sand beaches, as well as tourist attractions in Legian, only here less crowded and quieter. This beach has sand is very soft and gentle. Near the coast there are many restaurant, hotel, or villa, so a lot of foreign tourists and local tourists who come.

This beach is located on the north beach of Kuta. Its atmosphere is almost equal to Kuta beach, but because of its location a bit away from the bustle of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak beach visitors not as much of Kuta beach.

Legian area was originally an agricultural village. Although located on the waterfront, most people live from farming. Only a small portion of citizens Legian fishermen. So a visit to the increasingly booming tourist area of Kuta, many visitors leads to Legian and Seminyak adjacent. Two villages were also helped clean up and provide various facilities for travelers.

Enjoy the exotic sunset from Seminyak Beach also interesting to you know!