Holiday Ideas for Europe

Holiday Ideas for Europe

Think beyond a postcard vacation

What’s an ideal summer vacation in Europe like? One in which you go hopping to Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany and the sister nations? You click photographs skiing in Swiss snow, tasting wine in French vineyards, kissing under the Eiffel Tower, and the other stock European vacationer photos you could find in postcards.

Perfect and boring?

Europe is beautiful, right? Two weeks are in no way enough to do justice to its beauty. Think beyond a postcard vacation, fellows. Stay in a town for more than a week; don’t just touch upon the single tourist attraction to which tourists of all sizes and shapes flock; walk through the local streets, witness the life from close quarters and not just through your touristy lens. Forget that you are a tourist. Become a traveller (Quite romantic that last sentence sounded, but actually, there’s not much difference between the two; it just felt quite deep to say it).

There really is no excuse not to go and explore Europe, with hundreds upon hundreds of cheap European flight deals, what are you waiting for?!

Cycling in France

A pretty little French town

Nothing could be better than this. France is best explored on two wheels, when you can stop by to walk through vineyards, enjoy a glass of fresh farm wine. Cycle along winding buttery roads, bordered by fresh greens. Pass by lavender fields; overcome their refreshing aromas if you can. Pedal away along the overwhelming coast of the Atlantic. France’s provincial towns with their country lanes, delicate flowers, and smells of pastries wafting from unknown houses are more than what one can ask for. No wonder cycling tours are a rage in France.

Cottages in Tuscany

Oh Tuscany

Italy has lakes, architecture, lots of history, art, beauty and culture. You think you can take it all in four days. Get down that tourist tram, and explore the city on foot. Rent a quaint-looking cottage in Tuscany, and spend your evenings gazing at the as-far-as-the-eye-can-see grasslands under a setting Tuscan sun. Or if you love the sea more, choose one of the striking coastal villages in the Cinque Terre off the Italian coast.  Florence is, of course, the activity hub where you will find ample food for your touristy desires. You can go on day trips from Florence—on a wine-tasting excursion to Chianti, to Siena and San Gimignano where you will find museums and churches at every step. Or even better, take a cooking class to whip up an authentic Tuscan banquet.

Austrian Sojourn

In Austria, the winter sees snow, and the spring sees a beautiful land. Austria has a wavering uneven landscape—mountains, valleys, rolling meadows, restless brooks. Measure the land with footsteps, and you’d never fear the fading of its stunning sights from your memory. I don’t want to sound preachy and boring by telling you again that it is beautiful. It is, friend. Go see for yourself. Though you would never tire from the refreshing walks, you have the option of halting at cute little cottage and huts in the alpine villages. The Austrian mountains are full of family-run hotels that offer the most home-like experience which would make you feel like an alpine native.