How I Ordered Fresh Flowers over the Internet

Last Christmas all of our friendly family has decided to go to France for holidays. I anticipated the trip so much as we bought the ticket on the plane and booked the hotel in advance. I have never been to Europe before and could not wait to depart. The only problem was that for the whole duration of the trip, which should have lasted for ten days I would be away from my girlfriend. This was the only one disadvantage of going to the other continent that leaving her alone and was not quite fair as well as I certainly was about to miss her all that time. Eventually, we departed and soon were about to discover the French capital.

Everything was running so well and so good. We visited all the famous places and the attractions that have always been popular among tourists. As the Christmas day was fast approaching, I really thought that I somehow must congratulate my girlfriend and it must be more that verbal greeting over the phone or Skype. The best thing I could do was to go to Vipiris website for flower delivery where she was actually staying during the semester break at university at her parents’ house.

I did have some savings as before Christmas I did a lot of overtimes on my part time job and therefore flower delivery would not have been a problem in terms of financing it. Of course, that would have been highly preferable if cheap flower delivery would have been possible, therefore I could not rely only on the special offers provided over Christmas time but also look at several companies in order to find the one that is not located too far away from her home. This factor could also be a contributing one, as over the Christmas there must be a lot of orders submitted to all the stores and the florists must be busy anyway but for a store located nearby would have been much easier to arrange same day flower delivery and do it on time and without any delays.

I decided that it would be better to prepare everything on the 23d December; therefore on the 24th December, the order can be submitted as early as possible and hopefully will reach her on the same day. I looked on the internet and the system gave a huge number of florists and so it took me a while to find the right flower shop in that would have been suited for the job. The store was absolutely brilliant and its outstanding website offered a variety of different bouquet to choose from. Its location was also very convenient as the firm’s premises were less than a mile away from my girlfriend’s home. The same day delivery was also possible at there, which gave me a lot of confidence in conceiving what I have planned.

By carefully looking at the site and trying to make the right choice that would suit me and my present be adored by my girlfriend, I have chosen a stunning bouquet that was made of red, long, stem roses and long carnations, which the florist presented in a glass vase and tighten by the red ribbon. The composition was so bright and flashy that it would have been impossible not to love it right from the first sight.

I added the item to the shopping basket as well as enclosed some latex balloons and a medium sized teddy bear that looked so cute and adorable. The bill that appeared on the screen was very much at the acceptable level, perhaps because of the fact that it was a local florist on and the cost of the delivery was not very high.

I left the items in the shopping basket over the night and on the next day as soon as I woke up checked again whether everything is in the right place. The things looked absolutely perfect and I was ready to send flowers to my girlfriend. I nearly forgot to add the Christmas card but noticed it on time and added it to the other items I was about to purchase.

Afterward, the system requested to enter the details of my debit card and so I did. The payment got through swiftly and smoothly as I saw a notification in my email shortcut that the invoice was already received. It meant that I did order flowers and apparently my girlfriend was about to receive it very soon.

We had a wonderful conversation over the phone in the evening. I said a lot of nice things to her that day and so she did. We both loved each other and the possibility of sending flowers from such a distance in a short period of time has really made the day!