Pleasure After Some Tough Business

This past week I had a wonderful time in Aspen. I initially went there as part of a business trip, but the business portion was settled early, so it turned into a mini vacation. I was staying in one of the Aspen luxury rentals and it felt like a home away from home, except with better things than what I had at my actual home. Despite not having any skiing abilities, I had to get on the slopes for business. A client wanted to do some skiing before closing a business deal, so I reluctantly put on a pair of skis.

The client clearly had been skiing a few times in his life, as he was speeding along the slopes and making jumps like he was in the middle of an Olympic race. On the other hand, I was barely able to move without losing my balance. Each time I started to gain a little speed, I would hit some snow and fall over. The client kept laughing every time I fell and it was getting pretty annoying, but I didn’t say anything because I wanted to close the deal. Maybe he agreed to the deal with me because he felt sorry for me, or because he was so amused at my falling.

As soon as the client left, I spent most of my time in the cabin, soaking away my ski troubles in the tub. I called the concierge and requested a chilled bottle of wine, which really hit the spot. It was just enough to make me forget about all of the times I fell. I just might come back to the cabin the next time I decided to come to Aspen. I won’t bother inviting that client, because he’ll just turn the trip into another event to laugh at my poor skiing skills again.